BMX Custom: Understand the parts and buy right

Building a BMX Custom bike can be a daunting experience. Frames, forks, saddles, sprockets the list goes on. We break down the jargon so you’re up to spec on the lingo. Now everyone knows what a frame is and a saddle, but do you know your 24-tooth sprocket from a 45 and where to fit it? Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page for news and updates.

We’ll start at the back and work our way up and forward.

BMX Custom Parts: Rear Hub

Generally the rear hub comes in three variations; freewheel, cassette and freecoaster. Freecoaster hubs are more often found in higher spec BMXs as they permit the rider to roll backwards without pedalling. Freewheel hubs are 13th or larger and are considered less reliable than their Cassette counterpart. Cassette hubs are usually smaller, and come as standard on most shipments today. If possible, chase down the sealed hubs and enjoy the peddle for longer.

BMX Custom Parts: Rims

Simples, the outside of wheel. Served in two sizes, double and single. If you’re tricking, get double as these will hold out longer.

BMX Custom Parts: Tyres

Where you can get branded. Tyres vary in depth and width and should be bought in accordance with the rider and the BMX. Speak to your manufacturer when purchasing.

BMX Custom Parts: Pedals

Of course Alloy pedals look nicer and last longer. But the downsides are the extra weight and most importantly, your shins. So whilst you get to grips (pun intended) work away on plastic pedals until you’re the Don.

BMX Custom Parts: Gearing

The main sprocket, it’s considered best to get a smaller sprocket when looking at Freestyle BMXs because you’ll have more clearance for ramps and rails. Plus you save weight.

BMX Custom Parts: Cranks + BB

Keep to Branded cranks where and when you can. Two types of Bottom Brackets, smaller to mid BBs are often stronger and sealed, reducing the maintenance whilst prolonging its life. Stick to tubular if not branded and consider what you’re getting into, they need to be strong enough to match the style and level. Dropping on a rail from 2ft is different to 10ft, and your cranks need to match.

BMX Custom Parts: Frame

Frame is useless without wheels and the wheels are chaotic without a frame so get this right. Use Cromoly, where you can. At the very least support your bottom bar with it, and start low. Finally with the handlebars. Hi tensile steel tubing is the default racket for a frame, so start there and upgrade it like we said.

BMX Custom Parts: Seat

This is where you’ll rest your hind when cruising the streets, so get something waterproof and comfy. Seats can weigh, so think light but stick from plastic as you’re ass will be sweating whilst it bruises. Four types are railed/combo with more pro BMXs having Pivotal/Tripod

BMX Custom Parts: Stem

Without the Stem your forks would fall off along with your front wheel. No fun. So track down CNC’d versions for a cleaner look with and lighter feels.

BMX Custom Parts: Headset

Technically there are two types, the Integrated and the AHeadsets, but we only believe in one, Integrated. Unless you’re building a retro fixup the save your money in the long run whilst looking more pro with an integrated BMX custom Headset.

BMX Custom Parts: Forks

You don’t want your forks bending when you land too heavy on the front wheel, so treat them same as your Stem and get CNC’d versions, and consider the phrase; buy cheap buy twice (whilst face planting).

BMX Custom Parts: Handlebars

Used to steer the bike. Commonly known as bars, think quality and weight, you can put down some serious KGS with old style bars so think about multi butted tubing to decrease the mass. Offset the bars to your comfort and adjust the ‘rise’.

BMX Custom Parts: Brakes

Depending on your style, brakes come fitted as standard and can be removed with ease/difficulty. In many places it’s illegal to ride a bike without brakes so consider your environment.

BMX Custom Parts: Front Hubs

Get sealed bearings where you can, especially if you’re a beach front rider as they’ll get less crap in them and allow you roll farther for longer.

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